APA Writing – Dissertation in APA style



While writing an essay the part where we have to write the thesis or dissertation can be a scary task to do. Few people have asked the question of how to cite a dissertation APA. Those people who have never use this in their past they face some problem. The APA style doesn’t have to be a task you can make it as an enjoyable tool in your writing.

A large number of portion of this style involve some shared sense of writing rules. Some are followed:


APA stands for American Psychological Association. The method is supported by all the books and journals to publish an organization. The very first guidelines appeared in a magazine in 1929, and the first book was published in 1952. This format was growing very quickly and also expended its members. Many institutions of education may use this format for students writing a paper.


The style is used by the student for the guidelines for formatting all aspects of the paper. APA style provides all the rules, types and size of the font. The method makes the margin on the paper and uses all the punctuation were all it needed. It also provides the rules of citing references, presenting illustration, creating tables, etc.

How to start a paper?

Using a computer makes applying the style far easier than using a typewriter. You can add your favorite font at the last moment when you need some change. There are some steps which help you in writing:

  • Title name
  • Author name
  • Date of publication
  • Name of publication
  • Publication home
  • Pages used as a source
  • Short description of the origination

These are some tips which help you in knowing more about APA style. If you have any, then you can check it from online sites.