Hacked radio station in Sweden broadcasts ISIS anthem for half an hour.


A Malmö local radio station played an ISIS propaganda tune after its frequency was hijacked by a pirate transmitter.

Malmö residents who tuned into popular radio station Mix Megapol at around 8.30am on Friday suddenly found themselves listening to Isis recruitment song ‘For the sake of Allah’.

The song was played after the radio station’s local airwaves were hijacked by an unknown offender. Bauer Media, which owns the station, confirmed that the station lost control of its broadcast.

24Malmö News reported that the three-minute song – with lyrics trying to tempt Westerners into joining Isis with promises about maidens waiting in paradise for fighters – was played on repeat for around 30 minutes.

Mix Megapol apparently plays the ‘hottest throwback hits’ from the 90s, so despite inadvertently shilling a foreign death cult this probably only goes down as their second most offensive broadcast after airing ‘Jagged Little Pill’ by Alanis Morissette in its entirety to celebrate the record’s 20th anniversary.

I doubt millennial Muslims in Malmö were listening though. The ISIS marketing department clearly don’t realise that we listen to Podcasts instead now.

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