Scholarships for Single Mothers with Disabilities


Single mothers find it hard to survive, and disability can make their life all the more difficult. However, some good news for such disable single moms is that theres support as well as guidance available, as per the American Disabilities Act policy.

Whether it is mental disability, physical disability or trouble in learning, their rights are protected, thanks to the American Disabilities Act policy. It is quite astonishing to know that over 41 million Americans are disabled, and a major chunk of this population comprises of women.

The welfare development policies serve as continuous encouragement for such disabled mothers to work and live normally, while TANF and SSI also provide them with work opportunities on regular basis as well.

It is quite true that a disable person may not be able to earn as much as a normal individual does, nevertheless youd be impressed to know that an average disable person earns $12,000, which is more than half of the average $22,000 annual income of an ordinary person.

TANF continuously tries to render help and guidance to single mothers with any kind of disability and even with those whove children suffering from disabilities. They work primarily on case management, while theres add-on help available from the social security income, though it is under stern criterion.

The SSI and TANF dont work in sync with each other, so sometimes there are disparities in some cases, causing wrong rejection of few applications. However, at the same time, a disabled mother is not eligible to get approval for services from both these authorities simultaneously.

Whats more, One Stop also runs specialized programs for disabled mothers to assist them in earning their livelihood and leading a respectable life. The rules and regulations vary to a good extent from one state to other, and the single mothers may also be eligible for subsidies in few states, which turn out to be vital aid in providing nutrition to their babies.

So, it is essential for the disabled mothers to know the state laws and federal laws pertaining to this matter. They may check up with a local social service agency to find out details of list of services in the particular state theyre residing in.

The disabled mothers, whore not suffering from any major disabilities preventing them from working altogether, may also try to take advantage of the occupational and educational course available to them. These programs can help a great deal in finding a suitable job.

As per the facts and figures, it has been observed that the disabled mothers with learning disabilities have overcome their problems to a significant level after taking benefits of these programs organized by the federal government, and TANF.

More so, the disabled mothers whore single, and unable to take care of their baby are also permitted to even opt on the scholarships for single mothers adoption plan.